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Robin in Grenada

Beautiful USCGC Barque Eagle.
A 300' teak German sailing ship the U.S. inherited in reparations from Germany after WWII.

February 2004.
New adventures to report.  I have received orders for a five-month public affairs/photojournalism position aboard the Coast Guard's sailing ship, the USCGC Barque Eagle.  I am requesting an early leave from the Peace Corps starting March 1 so that I can begin duty March 29 in New London, Ct.  I plan to be in CA for a week before driving up to WA to get uniforms and equipment ready for the trip.
I'll be in charge of the ship's website, too, which can be found at  Check that site starting April 24 for my photos and journals about our trip.  A list of ports we're visiting, ranging from New Foundland to Nassau, is also on that website.
I will be sad to leave Grenada, but only because I have so many great friends here to say bye to.  What an awesome adventure this has been.  Thank you for all your support along the way.
Stay tuned to this website for more adventures...
ps: Visit for photos and journals about my South America trip.